Tubular Elastic Bandage Protect Fragile Skin

What is an tubular elastic bandage?

An elastic bandage is a stretchy, rolled bandage designed to wrap around a body part. The Tubular eslastic net bandage  fix bandage is a large-mesh, highly elastic tubular net bandage. It can be used for the easy and time-saving retention of any type of wound dressing, as well as for applying occlusive films. Because it is so flexible it fits all body contours with no bunching, making it comfortable to wear.

Tubular eslastic net bandage helps to keep wound clean and covered.  Tubular elastic bandage for support of fragile tissue, ligaments, tendons and joints after sprains and soft tissue damage. Edema and lymphedema product and tubular bandage for post burn scarring.

What is an elastic bandage used for?
An elastic bandage gives firm pressure to an injured body part. It helps limit swelling and ease pain. The bandage gives some support to the injured area, but you may need to wear a splint or brace to give more support and protection during sports or other activities. An elastic bandage may also be used to help prevent some sports injuries. 
You can use an elastic bandage to hold an ice pack on an injury. Put a couple of loops of the bandage around the injury first and then place the ice bag over the bandage. Roll the rest of the bandage around the ice pack to hold it snugly againts your body. 

How to use elastic bandage?

To wrap an elastic bandage around an injured part: 
  • Place one end of the bandage below the injured body part. 
  • Wrap up end of the bandage below the injured body part 
  • Wrap up and around the body part, overlapping at least half of the bandage with each loop. For example, for a knee injury you would start below the knee and then wrap the bandage around and above the knee.
  • The end of the wrap should stop above the injury 
  • Use tape or clips to keep the end of the bandage in place 
  • Wrap the bandage firmly but not too tightly. If its too tight, it can cut blood flow to the injured area and cause swelling. For example, if an elastic bandage on your ankle is too tight, your feet and toes may swell, feel cold, or turn bluish. If this happens, be sure to loosen the bandage.

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