How to use a tongue depressor?

A tongue depressor (sometimes called spatula) i a tool used in medical practice to depress the tongue to allow for examination of the mouth and throat 

Using a tongue depressor in a medical examination truly can be as simple as having the patient say “ah.” The tip of the depressor is placed upon the surface of the patient’s tongue. Pushing down gently allows the clinician to examine the inside of the mouth or back of the throat 

However, given the dozens of potential applications in the medical field alone, usage may be more varied even than the types of tongue depressors available 

No matter your intended end-use, Adventa provides tongue depressor options sure to meet your needs. To see our entire line of tongue depressors, take a look at our complete catalog. 


  • Oral patient care and examination 
  • Veterinary examinations 
  • Applying or mixing medicines 
  • Health and Beauty – Waxing 
  • Stirring stick 
  • Applying epoxy or resins 

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