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Brand: Alcor
Information: Latex-free, DEHP FreeSingle Use (for 24 hours)Administration Set [Drip Chamber, Roller Clamp with tubing & connector]Locking distal tipTechnical information: Material: DEHP-Free, Latex-FreeColor: Bag (transparent)Cap and Connector (Purple)Capacity: 1200ml ..
Ex Tax:RM30.00
Brand: Alcor
It is designed to be used with compatible feeding pump (Medcaptain EP-60) in administrating of enteral nutrition, fluid or medication.DEHP-FreeCapacity of 1500ml Single use for 24hours Come with luer injection Y-Port & Universal Distal Tip Technical information:Material: DEHP-Free..
Ex Tax:RM25.99
Brand: Alcor
It is an electronic device designed to infuse a regulated flow of nutritional formula into patient via a enteral giving set (e.g. feeding bag) that travels through the pump and is attached to the end of the enteral feeding tube.Product details:Enteral feeding system Auto anti occlusion 4” ..
Ex Tax:RM3,500.00
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