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Protective Wear
Brand: Connecx
The medical coverall is mainly used by medical staff for self-protection against patients with infectious diseases or hazardous environment.The Medical Coverall is made of spunbonded and melt blown (SMS), act as a barrier against fluid penetration and contaminants.The coverall design ..
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Brand: Connecx
Light & Durable Excellent Water ResistanceProtection Against Contaminated Droplets & Fluids Area of Protection Up to Knee LevelMade of SMS Non-Woven FabricTechnical InformationMaterials : Spunbonded PP + PE + TPUColour : WhiteWeight : 70gsmSterility : Non-SterileStorage : Cool and ..
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Brand: Connecx
Designed to prevent scurf and dust particles from head or hair from entering hygienic environment. The elasticated opening allows them to sit snug to any size head while maintaining high level of hygieneDouble ElasticSecure CoverageLightweight & Breathable Roaming & ComfortableReduce Pa..
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Brand: Connecx
The disposable shoe cover Provides reliable protection against outer environment that potentially has infectious liquid and particles and to minimized slippery hazardous. Besides, the disposable shoe cover is excellent water repellent and durable. Light & DurableExcellent Water ResistantNon..
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Brand: Connecx
The Isolation gown with cuff is part of the Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E) that is widely used in the medical setting environment. Besides, the Isolation gown (Blue) creates a barrier between the wearer and the patient when they came into contact with fluid and microorganisms transmission. Th..
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Brand: Connecx
Disposable LDPE (low density polyethylene) Pe aprons. Pleasant to wear thanks to the light material, while the pe apron remaining very hard-wearing and liquid-permeable. With fastening straps on the waist for an excellent fit. Packed or blocked in a practical single-item pouch, ideal for h..
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Brand: Pasture
DescriptionAs Parents, we are constantly concerned about health and well-being of our children. The Slightest cough or sneeze can trigger tremendous panic of what is coming, especially in times of allergens or influenza seasons.With the Pasture J95 Junior Mask (Face Mask), we hope to give you peace ..
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Brand: Connecx
Pronecx protective medical Face shield is double-sided and anti-fog. Besides, pronecx medical face shield can even anti dizziness and high-temperature resistance. it's safe, light and easy to carry.  Features:-Double-Sided anti-fogAnti-dizzinessSafe and light, easy to carryHigh temperature..
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Brand: Connecx
These safety goggles are made with PET shatterproof lenses and soft large wrap-around frame that blocks fluid splash, dust, and other airborne contaminants. The lens are coated for anti fog effect. The air vents allows air circulation and avoids misting.FEATURES:--180-degree wide and clear lenses en..
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Brand: Respinecx
Respinecx face mask Outer layer made of non-woven polypropylene spunbondMiddle layer made of meltblown air filter media, a highly effectiveness bacterial filter more than 98%Inner later (as outer layer) made of non-woven polypropylene spunbondInner and outer facing tissue for light and comfortable w..
Ex Tax:RM7.00
Brand: Famttini
´╗┐Steralgard is an alcohol-based press hand sanitizer that is Virucidal, Bactericidal and Germicidal. The hand sanitizer It is suitable for use in any environment that practices hand hygiene and cleanliness to prevent cross contamination. The World Health Organization has officially announce a e..
Ex Tax:RM18.00
Good hand hygiene is important to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Our anti-bacterial and anti-viral hand sanitisers are safe to use and alcohol-free, offering enhanced and longer-lasting protection against viruses, bacteria and other harmful microbes.Powerful and longer-lasting ..
Ex Tax:RM12.50
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