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Wound Care Prep

-Flexible and Comfortable-Elastic & Breathable-Sticks to Itself-Hand Tearble-Easy to RemoveTechnical Information:Material - Non Woven + Natural Rubber LatexColour - TanStandard - ISO 13485, CESterility - Non SterileStorage - Cold and Dry Condition..
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Brand: Connecx
Alcohol swabs are being used to clean an injection site before injection with drugs. Sometimes people also use alcohol swab to clean fingers and thumbs before taking the injections. Alcohol swab can also be used to remove the bloods from the injection on their fingers, thumbs and any surfaces. The u..
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Brand: OxyMax
It is a range of a sterile, self adhesive, showerproof transparent film wound dressings incorporating an absorbent, non-adherent wound pad.Transparent Film Island Dressings are made from Latex Free, semi permeable polyurethane film membrane, coated with hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive. Suitable for ..
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