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Wound dressing

Brand: OxyMax
To Secure dressing and protect the wound and keep moist conditions around it to promote healing. Made with a waterproof PU backing film and breathable non-woven which is absorbent with a non adherent pad. Providing patient protection and comfort, offering secure and reliable fixation which conforms ..
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Brand: Connecx
It is mainly used for minor cuts, abrasions, lacerations and may be used as a secondary dressing over gels, ointments and other primary dressings.Information: -Hypoallergenic -Breathable -Water Resistant -Soft and Elastic -Painless Dressing Removal -Low to mild fluid absorptionTechni..
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Brand: OxyMax
Commonly used as dressing retention and catheter or tubing fixation.Information: Air permeableHypoallergenicWater repellent barrier“S” cutting and grid designTechnical information: Material: Spunlaced Non-woven fabricSize: 5cmx10m10cmx10m ..
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Brand: OxyMax
An opaques or transparent dressing that provide moist environment to promote wound granulation whilst preventing maceration in the peri-wound.Information: Contains CMCAbsorbs low to mild exudatesExtra absorption with thick borderSoothes and granulates woundRetain..
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Brand: Connecx
The medical dressing set is a tool to remove the dressing or sutures during a procedure to prevent infection through direct contact with the wound and to keep the surrounding sterile. The medical dressing set can be used for clean wounds, injuries and faster wound healing. Also, it allows patients t..
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Brand: OxyMax
Silver alginate dressing is made of alginate fibers and silver compounds to prevent wound infections. The silver alginate dressing can against many kinds of microorganisms such as bacteria to prevent wound infections. Besides, it reduces scar formation, faster wound healing and as well as ..
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Brand: Connecx
Respinecx face mask Outer layer made of non-woven polypropylene spunbondMiddle layer made of meltblown air filter media, a highly effectiveness bacterial filter more than 98%Inner later (as outer layer) made of non-woven polypropylene spunbondInner and outer facing tissue for light and comfortable w..
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Brand: OxyMax
It is mainly used for minor cuts, abrasions, lacerations and may be used as a secondary dressing over gels, oitments and other primary dressings.HypoallergenicBreathableWater ResistantSoft and ElasticPainless Dressing RemovalLow to mild fluid absorptionTechnical information:Materials: non-woven mate..
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Brand: Connecx
Alcohol swabs are being used to clean an injection site before injection with drugs. Sometimes people also use alcohol swab to clean fingers and thumbs before taking the injections. Alcohol swab can also be used to remove the bloods from the injection on their fingers, thumbs and any surfaces. The u..
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Brand: Connecx
ProductDo not adhere to woundSoft & ElasticDispenser TypeAir PermeableHypo-AllergenicTechnical Information:Material - Polyethylene (PE)Colour - TransparentStandard - ISO 13485Storage - Cool and Dry PlaceQuantity: 500pcs/box..
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Brand: OxyMax
Oxymecx dressing- Self-adhesive wound dressing is latex-free with pad, Hypoallergenic and skin-friendly. Those patients who have abrasion, chronic, laceration or post-operative wound can apply Oxymecx self-adhesive wound dressing. The post-operative wounds are included heart & stomach surgery. f..
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