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FeaturesUsed for efficient administration of oxygen for greater patient comfortTwin Nasal Tips provide maximum freedom to the patient and leaves the mouth freeSoft and flexible nasal tips ensures non traumatic insertionFinely engineered Nasal Tips ensures equal volume of oxygen to both air passag..
Ex Tax:RM26.00
Description :--Both Oral Nasal Mask and Full Mask are available -Available in pediatric and adult size -Adjustable nose clip ensures comfortable fitting -Smooth, feathered edges promote patient comfort and reduce irritation point -Configurable 210 cm oxygen supply tubing..
Ex Tax:RM4.50
Application: 1.medical institutions in conventional and treatment of infusion, blood transfusion, hemostatic disposable;or limb hemorrhage. 2.wild snake bite bleeding when the emergency hemostats.  ..
Ex Tax:RM8.70
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