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Renal & Dialysis Care

A protective belt specially designed for a peritoneal dialysis patient. Secure a permanent catheter on the patient abdomen from the unexpected event. With this product, the PD patient may enjoy their daily activities hassle free. Product description:Easy to use with a velcro strap More com..
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Brand: Alcor
It is designed to be used with compatible feeding pump (Medcaptain EP-60) in administrating of enteral nutrition, fluid or medication.DEHP-FreeCapacity of 1500ml Single use for 24hours Come with luer injection Y-Port & Universal Distal Tip Technical information:Material: DEHP-Free..
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Brand: Alcor
It is an electronic device designed to infuse a regulated flow of nutritional formula into patient via a enteral giving set (e.g. feeding bag) that travels through the pump and is attached to the end of the enteral feeding tube.Product details:Enteral feeding system Auto anti occlusion 4” ..
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Brand: Sage
Our quality components allow you to tailor oral hygiene to meet the exact needs of your patients. Components of sage toothette oral swabs come in multiple packaging configurations, and include multiple swabs, cleansing solutions, Mouth Moisturizer and Advanced Oral Moisturizer Spray.Toothe..
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Brand: Sage
Toothette® Oral Swabs help clean between teeth and stimulate oral tissue. Swabs are individually wrapped and are mint-flavored with Dentifrice.Individually wrappedMaintain a Clean, Healthy MouthOral health is an important factor of overall health. In order to maintain oral health, it is important to..
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