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Brand: Connecx
A feeding bag designed for enteral feeding by delivering liquid nutritional drinks or water to the patient via a feeding tube by gravity.DEHP Free & Latex FreeKink-free tubingEasy-to-read and view with translucent bagStrong, dependable hanging bagAdjustable Roller Clamp to control the feeding fl..
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Brand: Connecx
2 Way Foley catheter is a thin, sterile tube inserted into the bladder to drain urine. Because the 2 way foley catheter can be left in place in the bladder for a period of time, it is also called an indwelling catheter. It is held in place with a balloon at the end, which is filled with sterile wate..
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Brand: Connecx
A medical face mask is a loose-fitting, disposable device to help block large-particle droplets, splashes, sprays, or splatter that may contain germs (viruses and bacteria), keeping it from reaching your mouth and nose. A PPE worn by health professionals during medical procedures.Information: B..
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Brand: Connecx
Just like 2 way Foley catheter, one connector of the 3 way foley catheter is used to drain the urine while the other is used to inflate the balloon. The third channel allows for continuous bladder irrigation that helps in removing debris and blood clots. The 3..
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Brand: Connecx
Also known as sterilization indicators, where printed diagonal stripes darken indicating a steam autoclave process is complete. Provides a visual assurance that the package has been exposed to the steam sterilization process. Discoloration indication: from beige to greyish black.Medical grade p..
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Brand: Connecx
C-section pack is specifically designed for caesarean operation, comes with large fluid collection pouch, circular foam strip to hold firm the opening of fluid collection pouch, and other items appropriate for the procedure. The fluid collection pouch prevent fluid from reaching the patient's body s..
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Brand: Connecx
The combi stopper is used to close a luer or luer lock access on other devices. The combi red devices are compatible with luer accesses.Multi-functional male/female luer lock and luer slip connectionMade of PE (Polyethylene)Sterile closing of pre-filler syringes and all kinds of openIV-accesses..
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Brand: Connecx
The Nurse cap is also known as a round cap, the nurse cap is an economical yet effective way to prevent particles such as dust, hair, scarf from the head of the attendant to the patient during an invasive procedure or in any restricted area. Besides, the nurse cap is disposable and suitable for medi..
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Brand: Connecx
Kidney dish is under brand Connecx and it's ideal for holding instruments, creams, dressings wipes and other medical consumables and for the safe collection of body fluid. Kidney dish is also for patient who is unable to walk due to bedridden, illness, incontinence issues, f..
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Brand: Connecx
Male Urinal bottle is under brand Connecx and it's designed for patient comfort and caregiver case of use. The urinal bottle enables independent patient toileting for patient who is immobile. Besides, the urinal bottle is made 100% recycled paper pulp and eco friendly. It applies towards surgical &a..
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Brand: Connecx
A needle is commonly used with a syringe to inject substances into the body or extract fluids under the skin.Information: Made of 304 Stainless SteelExcellent & Stable penetration forceSilicone coatingNon-toxic & Non-pyrogenicMinimal pain upon punctureTechnical information: Materia..
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Brand: Connecx
These bands are for hospital and event use. It is for the identification of an individual or patientSpecification:Made from soft PVC film, medical grade, do no harm to the skin.Different colors...
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