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Brand: Connecx
Longer hours protectionSuper absorbent layerOdour guard protectionInformation: Firmly secure on waist- The elastic and sturdy waistbands prevent the pants from easily sagging and flip open.Brief-like leg openings- makes it easy to wear.Wetness Indicator- The colour fades as the diaper gets wet ..
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Brand: Connecx
Longer hours protectionSuper absorbent layerOdour guard protectionInformation: Firmly secure on waist- The elastic and sturdy waistbands prevent the pants from easily sagging and flip open.Soft & Comfortable- Non-woven fiber provides soft and comfortable Properties which enable fluid to pas..
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Brand: Connecx
Incomecx 5ply disposbale underpads are non woven fabric with super absorbent polymer. Reduce Wet-Back or Fluid return to minimize exposure of patient's skin to moisture.- 5 Ply Non-Woven Fabric- Soft and Breathable top sheet- High Absorbency - Rapid Fluid Distribution - Back Sheet Bar..
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Brand: Connecx
Disposable LDPE (low density polyethylene) Pe aprons. Pleasant to wear thanks to the light material, while the pe apron remaining very hard-wearing and liquid-permeable. With fastening straps on the waist for an excellent fit. Packed or blocked in a practical single-item pouch, ideal for h..
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A medical device used to deliver supplemental oxygen or increased airflow to patient or person in need of respiratory help.Information: -Kink resistant tubing -Tube length 2m -DEHP - Free -Curve prong for better fit & functionality -20% softer maximizes patient comfort whilst..
Ex Tax:RM1.50
A device to transfer high concentration breathing oxygen gas during an emergency.Information: Kink resistant tubingMedical grade PVCWith non-rebreather bagDEHP-Free Transparent colour easier to observe patient’s conditionTechnical information: Material: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)Color: Transparent gre..
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Brand: Connecx
The medical dressing set is a tool to remove the dressing or sutures during a procedure to prevent infection through direct contact with the wound and to keep the surrounding sterile. The medical dressing set can be used for clean wounds, injuries and faster wound healing. Also, it allows patients t..
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High performance Nitrile Shirudo gloves Powder Free Examination Shirudo GloveChallenging conventional boundaries Meticulous research was conducted based on users' needs to provide the most suitable product to cater to the requirements for protection, tactile sensitivity, feel and func..
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Brand: Absorba
Absorba adult diaper is one of highly rated and recommended brand. Currently Absorba adult diaper (adult pampers) distributed in more than 30 countries and this includes Asian market like Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and more. The adult diaper for absorba maxi plus is intended for night use,..
Ex Tax:RM246.40
Brand: Absorba
Product description for adult diaper pull-up pants:Premium QualityUltra Dry Top layer for ultimate dryness and comfortFragrance & Chlorine Free / Non AllergenicWetness indicatorLeak GuardsMeasurements: 80 cm X 120 cm (M), 80 cm X 150 cm (L), 80 cm X 160 cm (XL)Max Absorbency: 3200 ml - 3700 ml (..
Ex Tax:RM246.40
Brand: Absorba
Absorba Nateen Super Cloth air is a super absorbency adult diaper. Besides, Super cloth air adult diaper is having great odour control and Ultra top layer to maximize user's comfort level. Users or Buyer can self checking whether is time to change diaper if the line behind diaper is disappeared..
Ex Tax:RM214.40
Brand: TENA
The tena value l adult diaper is all-in-one diaper offers 2X the absorbency that the wearer's needs. It is specially designed for semi-mobile/bed-ridden users in South East Asia. TENA Value comes in two sizes - M and L.2X absorbencyExcellent fluid retentionEffective leakage preventionProduct descrip..
Ex Tax:RM178.50
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