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Return & Exchange

Return, Exchange and Refunds

What do I do if I receive a damaged or defective item(s).

  • Mycare Malaysia strives to always deliver items in good condition to the customer.
  • If you feel you have received a damaged item(s) please let us know within 48 hours.
  • Any complaints received after 48 hours cannot be entertained, according to Mycare Malaysia’s Return Policy.
  • You may request for an Exchange or Refund for your damaged items. Please refer below to the Return Process.

What items can be returned?

  • Only items purchased online through may be returned, complaint to Mycare Malaysia’s Return Policy.
  • All returned items must be returned in new and unused conditions.
  • Due to health and safety regulations, we are unable to accept any returns, issues refund or issue exchanges for used or opened products.
  • All returned item(s) must be returned to Mycare Malaysia within 14 working days of receiving the item(s).
  • No returns will be accepted or entertained after 14 working days.
  • Customers are required to return the item(s) via standard courier.

Mycare’s Return Policy

  • Item(s) purchased through Mycare Malaysia can only be returned for the reasons listed below.
  • If item(s) are returned for any other reason not listed below, the buyer shall bear all shipping or courier charges related to the return process.

Damaged Product(Broken, leaking, dented, etc.)Complete Set (Include Accessories and In Original Packaging)
Shall write to us within 48hours after receiving the good(s), thereafter will not be entertained.
For more info please refer #D
Defective Product

(Product not working as intended, etc.)
Complete Set (Include Accessories and In Original Packaging)
Not Damaged
Product Not as AdvertisedComplete Set (Include Accessories and In Original Packaging)
Not Damaged
New Condition
Wrong Item DeliveredComplete Set (Include Accessories and In Original Packaging)
Not Damaged
New Condition
Seal Not Broken (Exception for products which cannot be differentiated visually)
Missing Parts / ItemsNot Damaged
New Condition

Return Process

Step 1: Inform Mycare Malaysia

  • Snap photo(s) of the item(s) which dearly shows the reason for return (damage, defect, missing parts, etc.
  • Send the photo(s) via email to with the following information.
    • Title: Return/ Refunds
    • Name:
    • Product Name:
    • Reason for Return:
    • Refund/Exchange: (Please indicate if you would like a Refund of an Exchange for this Returned item(s).
    • Order #: (Or attachment of your receipt/Invoice)
    • Once we receive your email, Mycare Malaysia will send you an acknowledgement email.

Step 2: Evaluation Process

  • All Return requests will undergo an internal evaluation process.
  • The evaluation process may take 2-7 working days.
  • If necessary, we will request that you send us the item(s) back to Mycare Malaysia via standard courier.

Step 3: Evaluation Outcome

  • We will inform you via email of the evaluation outcome.
  • If the return is due to Mycare Malaysia’s fault, we will reimburse you the courier/shipping fee.
  • If the return is due to the customer’s fault, the customer will bear all charges related to courier/shipping of the item(s) to Mycare Malaysia


We will deliver the item(s) to you with a new tracking number.

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